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Chenay Beach is a pretty little beach. Home to a hotel with the same name, the beach is open to the public. This white sand beach offers both a relaxing atmosphere and beach fun. Wind surfers, snorkeling, kayak and sunfish rentals are available. A beachside bar and restaurant makes you feel far away from everything else and is perfect for lunch and drinks while enjoying the tranquility of the beach. There is some sea grass in the areas close to shore. Swimming out along the right side to the point affords good snorkeling. A children's playset is located just behind the tree line.

Tamarind Reef Bay is a nice beach to enjoy a variety of activities; lay out on the beach, sit under one of the palm trees that line the shore, have a tropical cocktail at the poolside bar, have lunch at the restaurant, snorkel, kayak, lay in a hammock and read a book... lots to do and enjoy. The bay is rocky on the far end and swimming is limited to certain areas because of the rocks. Water is shallow in the near shore swimming areas. The shoreline is sandy with pebbles. Seagrass in the water and along the shore is common. There is a marina nearby.

Considered one of the prettiest beaches on St. Croix Shoy's has crystal clear water and white sand. A few sea grape trees line the long beach. The beach is quiet and relaxing. The beach is usually sparsely populated on weekdays. Access is available through the guarded, gated entrance on the right when entering Buccaneer Resort; drive past the golf course, residential area and then park in the small parking area; follow the short path to the beach. There is a residential area close by so respect private property boundaries. The east end of the beach is better for swimming while the opposite end offers good snorkeling.

The Grotto is located at the Buccaneer Resort, just one cove over from Mermaid Beach. The Grotto is mostly sandy with a rocky shoreline area. The beach is long and makes for an enjoyable stroll. Chairs, kayaks, restaurant & bar are available at the resort. Hotel guests have free access to the beach. A fee is collected for parking within the hotel grounds for beach goers that are not hotel guests.

Manchenil is a very long, white sand beach on the south side of St. Croix. Accessible by a dirt road, look for the pink pillars off South Shore Rd. The beach is usually sparsely populated to unpopulated on weekdays but is popular on weekends. There is limited to no shade. The water is calm and deepens gradually

Columbus Landing is a small, white sand bay with some pebble filled spots. There is a good shell searching, but remember it is illegal to remove seashells from beaches in the Virgin Islands. The water deepens quickly and has many areas with seagrass. There is limited shade. No development or amenities on site. This beach is historically important; it is the landing place of Christopher Columbus' exploration party during his voyage in 1493. You can walk along the rocks on the right side (when facing the water) to see Salt River a National Park protected area with natural and historical importance.

Cane Bay is a great spot for sunbathing, walking, snorkeling, having a cool drink at a beach bar or just hanging out. The long white sand beach is lined with many trees which provide good shade. Cane Bay is renowned as an excellent snorkeling and scuba diving site. About 1/4 mile offshore, the depth plunges to 1,000 feet, so divers can merely swim out and dive "the wall", as it is called. This beach is easily accessed from the main road. A dive shop, kayak shop, restaurant & bars are located in walking distance from the beach. Volleyball net is available on the left side of the beach. The water is usually calm but there can be strong currents.

Davis Bay, a long sandy white beach, is typically quiet and relaxing. The middle of the bay has some rocks and the far left side experiences some mild surf which can be fun for body surfing if the condition are right. The currents can get strong. Coconut palms and other trees are scattered along the shore providing some shade. This beach is a lovely spot to spend a quiet day; the beautiful, undeveloped hills on the far left and the gentle to mild wave action set an atmosphere of being far away from everything. While the beach is quiet there is a resort on the beach,  Carambola Resort.

Sapphire is a pretty white sand beach. Sea grape trees on the right side offer shade to beach goers; and sun worshippers can enjoy basking in the sun on the left side where trees are fewer. Iguanas and ducks are often seen on the left side close to a man-made pond. There is a water sports booth that offers wind surfing, kayaks and snorkel gear rental, as well as chair rentals. At the nearby marina you can rent jet skis or go parasailing. Sapphire is a great beach for relaxing and for enjoying water sports. A shallow rocky ledge and reefs on the right side offer good snorkeling. Food and drinks are available from a a small open air grill, drink vendor and from the nearby condo restaurant. Sapphire Beach Resort, Condos and Marina are all within walking distance of the Sapphire Beach shoreline

Coki is a small, pretty beach located on Coki Point. The crystal clear water is usually very calm and deepens gradually. Natural shade is limited, however umbrellas are available for rent. A near shore rocky, reef area offers great snorkeling. A favorite with visitors and a popular stop on island tour itineraries, the beach gets crowded when multiple cruise ships are in port. Coki is equally popular with residents for picnics and parties so its common to find a crowd on Sundays and holidays. On crowded days the parking situation can be a bit crazy, there is parking available in some spots just off the road close to the beach but not a whole lot. 

Beachside eateries and roadside food vans serve picnic table fare including burgers, sandwiches and some local dishes. Call it touristy or call it convenient; you will also find hair braiders, chair rentals, oodles of taxis, beach waiters serving refreshing drinks and vendors selling t-shirts, sunblock, art work, bags, wrap skirts, towels and more! There is a dive shop on site. A jet ski rental booth is located just across the road, opposite the beach and a few vendors rent snorkel gear, floats and noodles. To some the vendor's booths and shacks add to the atmosphere of the beach, for others it takes away from the scenery. Coki Beach is located right next to Coral World Marine Park; its easy to make a day of visiting both places

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