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Located just below Cap Maison is the pretty and secluded Smuggler’s Cove beach, one of the ideal places where guests love to relax during the day. Visitors can enjoy the feel of their toes sifting through the sand whilst listening to the sweet washing and lapping of the waves nearby, or watching stunning sunsets on the idyllic northern coastline of St Lucia.

The newly opened Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill, located right on the beach under thatched roof Caribbean style, serves a wide selection of rums, wines, cocktails, cold beers and other refreshments. Guests can revel in their addictions at lunchtime to the ever vibrant Caribbean music, deliciously fresh seafood, dripping ribs and homemade hamburgers.

The beach staff at Cap Maison make a merry rum punch and their own potent spice rum mix which is much enjoyed by the guests. A full chaise lounge service including towels is offered exclusively to Cap Maison guests. As a pastime, guests can find a nice spot close to the water’s edge to catch up on their reading. They can also engage in lively chatter with Cap Maison’s jaunty staff on politics, philosophy and the ingredients required for the perfect rum punch. Or they can just go out to enjoy some of the resort’s non-motorized water-sports including good snorkelling straight off the beach (tip: go left!), hobi-cats, kayaks and windsurfers.

Step into Chic at The Late Night Bar in Soufriere.

This newly debuted bar features an eclectic, cutting-edge style and thought-provoking artwork. Charcoal walls counterbalance brightly colored, asymmetric chairs while large white day beds invite whimsical lounging. For enticing St Lucia nightlife, in addition to the bar’s air-conditioned lounge, an open-air terrace offers St Lucia cocktails under the stars – and in the shadow of the Petit Piton. 

Fine Cuisine, Drinks and Gatherings at The Bayside Bar.

Set right on the shores of Anse des Pitons, the Bayside Bar in St Lucia is an idyllic destination for Caribbean sunset views and perfectly mixed cocktails. One of the most popular Soufriere bars, the Bayside Bar also serves a relaxed beach menu under the almond trees, with a range of selections including pizza baked in a wood-fired oven and other international favorites

The menu offers a full range of food with lunches that can be as simple as a hamburger or baguette to something more substantial like lobster dishes, Creole fish and chicken or pepperpot.

In the evening, the lights are dimmed and the dinner menu includes appetizers of escargot, carpaccio and a special soup of the day. Main courses are prime U.S. steaks, shrimp dishes, lobster when in season, as well as fish and veal. A dinner favorite is chicken breast stuffed with spinach and brie cheese. Vegetarian dishes are also a house specialty.

At Spinnakers there is something to suit everyone's taste and pocketbook. The restaurant provides customers with beach loungers and there are showers and changing rooms.

Spinnakers restaurant and bar is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But no matter what time of the day, there is always something good cooking at Spinnakers.  

For a taste of St. Lucian village life, head for this street festival, which is held every Friday night. Beginning at 6:30 pm, the main street in this tiny fishing village—about halfway between Castries and Soufrière—is closed to vehicles, and the residents prepare what they know best: fish cakes, grilled or stewed fish, hot bakes (biscuits), roasted corn, boiled crayfish, and lobster (grilled before your eyes). Prices range from a few cents for a fish cake or bake to $10 or $15 for a whole lobster, depending on its size. Walk around, eat, chat with the local people, and listen to live music until the wee hours of the morning.

The island's largest street party, the Gros Islet Jump-Up is a Friday-night ritual for locals and visitors alike. Huge speakers set up on the main street of this little fishing village blast Caribbean music all night long. Sometimes there are live bands. When you take a break from dancing, you can buy barbecued fish or chicken, rotis, beer, and soda from villagers who set up grills right along the roadside. It's the ultimate "lime" experience.

Gravity Nightclub is here to set the standard in the quality and style of entertainment presented by nocturnal establishments. Gravity Nightclub offers both food and a wide variety of drinks. The meals prepared at the Gravity Grill are uncanny and well priced.

In 1967 Marigot Bay was one of the main locations used in filming the classic Rex Harrison movie Dr Doolittle. Movie critics say the beautiful scenery helps draw the viewer into the movie… and who are we to argue?

When you visit Doolittle’s Restaurant and Bar you’ll fall in love with our alfresco dining area overlooking the crystal waters of Marigot Bay. At breakfast you’ll see hummingbirds darting among the flowers that line the restaurant’s walkways. During lunch, watch parrot fish swimming through the corals, and crabs sunbathing on the jetty. But it’s at night that Marigot Bay’s wildlife is at its most breathtaking… as darkness takes hold, look out for graceful rays gliding through the water, and watch the bats swoop down and catch fish with incredible precision.

And if that’s not paradise enough, you’ll know you’re in heaven when you taste the sumptuous feasts laid on daily by our chefs. From local delicacies like conch, mahi-mahi and king fish to classic dishes like steak and shrimp, our chef takes the freshest locally-sourced ingredients and turns them into mouthwatering creations that will drive your tastebuds wild.

Treat yourself to the ultimate Caribbean getaway at the luxurious Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, a 4-star resort nestled in the stunning, secluded beaches of Saint Lucia. Warm sand, blue gleaming waters, exquisite dining and accommodations are the ideal backdrop for the perfect escape to Saint Lucia.

The Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is the flagship property of the Bay Gardens Resorts chain, featuring striking designs inspired by the French Caribbean and Georgian Plantation style, truly giving guests a “Window to Paradise.” The timeless charm of the neo-classical architecture, including timbered balconies and hand-crafted verandahs perfectly juxtaposes the modern-day amenities can guests expect and more. Guests will enjoy Saint Lucia’s natural beauty while basking in the comfort and luxury of this 75-room beach-front hideaway. 

The Oasis Marigot Hotel and Villas are located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. You’ll find a full range of accommodations designed to fit any travel budget in Marigot Bay, the “most beautiful bay in the Caribbean.” Our Villas Beyond the Bay include three of the most scenic villa rentals on St. Lucia…one just off the island’s top beach and two nestled between the famous Pitons World Heritage site. 

Oasis Marigot offers hotel and villa rentals in St. Lucia. We have private villas for couples or groups in all price ranges and in many areas of St. Lucia, from the famous and beautiful Pitons Mountains, to the unforgettable Marigot Bay, to the exciting Rodney Bay. We also offer sailing vacations and yacht charters exploring the coasts of St. Lucia, Martinique and the Grenadines, as well as diving and snorkeling adventures.

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