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Tyrell Bay Beach is a horseshoe-shaped beach which graces the southern shores of Carriacou Island, Grenada. With nearby dive shops, the marine life of this natural bay is spectacular, while the white sand is soft to touch.

L'Anse aux Epines beach is a fairly secluded white sand beach in the south of the island. The beach is the home to some of Grenada’s most exquisite and service oriented cottages and private villas.

Part of an adjacent village with specialty shops and the distinctively agricultural surrounds of the Parish of St. Patrick, Bathway is a favorite socializing spot in Grenada An ideally located coral reef encloses the swimming and snorkeling strip along the white sand beach. Venturing beyond the protective reef is not advised. 

Anse La Roche is the most scenic beach on the island of Grenda with coral reefs just offshore. Secluded and accessible from land by half mile hike, the beach is private and unspoilt at the foot of the famous High North Range. It is the preferred alternate to Sandy Island for cruise ships visiting Carriacou. 

Pink Beach in Bonaire is an  excellent place for snorkeling, diving and for picnics. Accessible by means of car, taxi or bike. The flamingo pink bus stops here every day, based on a schedule that can be found in most hotels resorts and diving schools.

Bachelor Beach is A few hundred meters away from Playa Mangel, in Bonaire there are stairs that lead you to a narrow beach and the perfect place for a swim. Hard to find a spot on the beach when it’s high tide!

Why is it called 1000 Steps Beach? Because it is a great distance coming there! No problem for youngsters or well trained people, but can be a hell of walk with diving gear with you. The rewards is a very quiet, 1000 Steps Beach is a beautiful place in Bonaire

Playa Frans ia located in the north of Bonaire near Slagbaai. Hard to reach, but definatley worth it. A very intimate place with a pleasant sea breeze. There you will have the time of your life, but keep it quiet, because there is not enough room for everyone.

Boka Slagbaai is s beautiful beach in Bonaire, lots of stones and less sand to find a place for your beach towel. There are buildings dating from 1869.

Playa Fuchi pretty beach lies on the most western point of the island of Bonaire. Playa Fuchi is certainly worth visiting if you’d like to see the most extraordinary lizards. It is one of the best recommended places of the Bonaire snorkel guide.

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